Padakshep-UK is a non-profit organization in the United Kingdom (HMRC reference number XT39297) in wish to support meritorious highschool and undergraduate students in West Bengal, India for whom pursuing higher education is a dream barred by their extreme economic hardship.

In reality, however, we strongly believe that Padakshep-UK is a for-profit organization - its profit lies in the successes of these students pursuing the career of their dreams.

Eventually this will lead to a better society that we all hope for.

Question Time at Padakshep

Question Time at Padakshep is a series of interactive sessions with eminent people of our society. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn and interact with them LIVE at Padakshep. You can also send your personal video message to our guest for the upcoming event.


Open Teaching Project

Open Teaching Project (OTP) is an initiative from Padakshep and Padakshep-UK to explore the possibilities of collective learning. This website will contain lessons from physics, chemistry, mathematics or any other subjects which will help any student learn online. This will also benefit our underprivileged students who will receive these study materials for free.

West Bengal Education Guide

Are you confused with your career? Not sure where to study and what to study? Don’t know if you will get job with your subject of interest? Visit West Bengal Education Guide. You can also edit this website. This is an open project from Padakshep and Padakshep-UK to keep all the career related information in one place.

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