Track our beneficiaries Padakshep-UK will support two underprivileged students this year. Please stay tuned for more details.
Anupam Jana (2015-2018)

Siddhartha Hazra (2014-2016)

Amit Karmakar (2014-2016)

Moumita Khatun (2012-2014)

Subrata Halder (2012-2014)
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Siddhartha Hazra (
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Amit Karmakar
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Moumita Khatun (Read more....)

Moumita Khatun was only a young girl studying at 9th grade when she was almost married off by her family. But she decided to continue her studies and resisted pressure from her family to get married. Finally, with the help of the local government official, Moumita’s family decided to support her wishes. This year, Moumita passed her secondary exams successfully and now she is preparing to pursue natural sciences for her higher secondary courses. Her enthusiasm for higher studies was startling and it took very little time for us to decide if Padakshep-UK should support her. With a family of eight members, Moumita’s father Khalil Mondal struggles to earn enough from his job as a daily laborer. Padakshep-UK will make sure his determined daughter can march ahead with her dreams of a better life.

Subrata Halder (Read more....)

Following a newspaper report, we selected Subrata Halder, a student from Nadia district of West Bengal. In a family of five, Subrata was working hard against all odds in the last couple of years and finally he passed his secondary exams with great success (scored 84%). His father was a daily labor until an accidental injury took away his ability to work. His mother is a linen weaver and struggles to rear her three children. Padakshep-UK will be supporting Subrata in the next two years to make sure his pursuit of science can continue.